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This is the corporate website of SEG Magnetics, Inc. (SEGM), the leading Searl® Effect Generator research and development organization.

Introducing a revolutionary generator technology for harnessing unlimited natural ambient energy, the Searl® Effect Generator (SEG), the best world-class energy solution under development; No wood, no coal, no gas, no nuclear radiation, no wear, no heating, no noise, no global warming emissions and is a Net-Zero Game-Changing Initiative Technology.

Searl Effect Generator (SEG)

The SEG can be as small as a 15kW domestic unit and can be scaled up to one megawatt or more for industrial applications.

A giant gear
Out of fuel icon

No Fuel

No fuel cost – energy is in abundance at the quantum level by converting chaos into order for electricity.

No wear and tear icon

No Wear

No part wear nor mechanical friction – SEG is designed to operate with magnetic bearings and is expected to last indefinitely.

No noise icon

No Noise

No noise, internal combustion, air pollution, and waste heating - the only side effect is a benign cooling of the local air by less than a few degrees.

No friction icon

No Deterioration

No material deterioration – SEG envelops itself with a powerful negative charge that prevents metal oxidation or rust of its parts and components.

SEGM is Leading the way to a new era in clean power generation with SEG technology

The SEGM Searl® Effect Generator

The SEGM Searl® Effect Generator (SEG) is a solid-state version of the original design. The SEGM team is developing, verifying, and documenting the SEG concept, from ideas to products, in preparation for production and deployment.