Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have prototypes available or pre-production units?

The company does not claim to have prototypes because the cost of developing a prototype or production model is at least $3M; that is all that is delaying this technology into the marketplace. Therefore, the opportunity is still open for qualified investors to fund the SEG project. However, the SEG Team is progressing at any rate with a series of research and development steps that have resulted in several proof-of-concept (POC) demonstrations units, and we are leading up to a prototype or the final POC demonstration unit.

Is there a planned availability of the SEG units?

We plan to develop the 15kW version of the SEG for mass production. The cost of mass production ranges from $50M to $500M and that is the only way to reduce the cost of the SEG to less than a comparable conventional generator of the same power rating. Once that level of institutional funding is gained, then the SEG units will be available within two years.

Do you have any SEGs for sale?

No. The SEG concept at this stage is part of a Research & Development project and NOT a product of mass production, being the only way to make it affordable to the general public. Markets will determine the selling price, but we can estimate at $15K for a 15kW SEG.At this stage, only a trusted $3M investor in this project will be privileged to own a SEG prototype because that is the project development cost for it.

Do you have an email update list?

No, but public announcements or updates will be posted within this website. However, note that this is a corporation and not an public forum for the public.  Therefore, only officers, directors, executives, shareholders and business partners are privileged to get highly confidential information and development updates.

It is my goal to help further your research and pursuit, what trajectory of academic education might I follow to help SEG Magnetics Inc.?

We hope the SEG will be in the market before your graduation and then we will be in a position to hire you. However, to fully appreciate this technology, one requires knowledge of advanced materials, electromagnetics, and quantum particle physics. On the other hand, when it comes to manufacturing, we will need a wide range of skills from machining to robotics; like SpaceX and Tesla production plants.

Can the SEG generator generate 200kw dc or ac?

Yes. The SEG is design scalable up to one megawatt or more. The rule of the thumb is 90 watts per pound of the generator’s mass weight. Therefore, a 200kW SEG will be about 13 times more massive than the initial 15kW version of the SEG currently under development. The generator is configured with pick up coils that can be arranged for AC or DC output and furthermore fed to an inverter for any specific voltage and frequency.

Please let me know where I can buy this generator.

Watch for updates within our website for any production plans and where the SEG can be purchased. We are engaging accredited investors and funding groups interested in getting the SEG into the marketplace; it is only the lack of funding keeping SEG from becoming a product for sales.

Is your product available in kit form for home assembly, with your proprietary materials provided by you?

This company will not be involved in sales of any kind at this stage because all resources are focused on research. The SEG is not a DIY subject matter. It can only be redeveloped in a laboratory and machine shops with industrial resources typically costing millions in infrastructure as it was done in the past by the inventor. It is absolutely wrong to assume the SEG was made in the past in a kitchen or garage, but rather the inventor was an employee of a national UK electricity company that allowed him to use all of the resources of its facilities during the 1950s.

I would like to know more about the company business plan as well as the investor share agreement.

First of all, we need to know if you qualify as an accredited investor. Go to the investing web page and download the share agreement to determinate if you qualify. There you can also read the general business plan. If you agree to proceed as an accredited investor, reply with the completed form and you will get prompt consideration.

If this technology has been developed to the point of operating before the1970s, then why is it not already in production?

It boils down to lack of trust and money between the inventor and past associations. However, Searl lacked the business infrastructure to make it more than just a personal research hobby of UK club members. The last working unit was confiscated from his home in 1982.

I have never seen a video or paper with the SEG powering itself and producing over unity. Is this the intent?

No, on the contrary, it is only the lack of resources preventing rapid progress towards a prototype or at least the final Proof-Of-Concept (POC). This research corporation formed after twenty years of personally investigating the stories of the inventor and determining the technical details of the SEG concept. However, as a research company, it is the experimentations and the positive results that drive this project forward and it is what has validated the technology beyond a reasonable doubt for the company business to continue. Rest assured, the SEG Team relies on science, physics, and innovative engineering for progress. Much of it is now self-evident on the POC Demonstration table at our research facility. We are confident in achieving more SEG POC progress within this 2017 year as well. Note: we do not claim the SEG is an over-unity device, rather an energy converting system of natural ambient energy into electrical power as does Solar, Windmills and Hydroelectric systems.

Why do you limit investments to only high net worth individuals or families? Why are average people with money to invest being excluded from participation?

It’s due to the rules and regulations the US Government imposes on small investors. Our company registered with the SEC as 506c Corporation and that allows SEG Magnetics to advertise the offering and the rules states:

Under Rule 506(c), a company can broadly solicit and generally advertise the offering, but still be deemed to be undertaking a private offering under Section 4(a)(2) if: The investors in the offering are all accredited investors; and The company has taken reasonable steps to verify that its investors are accredited investors, which could include reviewing documentation, such as W-2s, tax returns, bank and brokerage statements, credit reports and the like.
Any idea for a production date? When will the SEG generator be available to the general public?

It all depends on the level of support this project receives from investors for the SEG R&D and production stages. Since the funds are not in place for mass production to make it available to the public, this no way to inform anyone of any production dates at this time.

What is required to become a reseller or dealer for a country or area?
  1. You must be an accredited investor as detailed by share agreement within the Invest section. 
  2. Submit your CV or resume that summarized your business experience for review and appraisal.
  3. A shareholder of at least 20 shares of SEG Magnetics, Inc.
  4. A business location within the country of interest to securely showcase the technology.
  5. Travel to our California location to meet and sign up with a license agreement.
How small can you make the SEG? Is there a portable version, small enough to take on a boat or camping?

The smallest version of the SEG that could be built is the 15kW SEG design. But it is possible to utilize only the first stage of Rings and Rollers to make a 3kW portable version for use in boating or camping applications. It would be about 30cm in diameter.

What are the latest news? Is your 15kw generator ready for sale?

For 2019, the SEGM project is more active and capable than ever before and building up with each passing year.  The UEC Token sales is largely what will determines the pace of progress. However, once funding for production is achieved, only then, will it be possible to predict any SEG deployment dates; such announcements will be made within the News and Events webpage.