Fernando D. Morris and Jason Verbelli Interview

In January of 2015, Horacio Jones of cinemaviva.com visited the SEG research office and conducted the following interview with Fernando D. Morris and Jason Verbelli about their work on the SEG device. Posted below are some excerpts.

Horacio: "What do you think the size of one will be that could power a home or car?"

Fernando: "The smallest one that we can currently design is a 15 kWh generator." (This is approximately the size of a small coffee table.) "And that's enough to power your home."

Horacio: "You could live in the desert or mountains and you wouldn't have to be connected to the grid?"

Fernando: "In fact, you could make yourself a home in the desert, this technology could turn it into an oasis for you."

Fernando: "As far as the consumer is concerned, all they need to do is make a 1-time purchase and they got a generator for life. We have proven that the generator operates on a magnetic bearing, there is no wear on the parts and nothing to stop it from working indefinitely."