Fernando D. Morris

Fernando D. Morris (Morris) was initially inspired by a small book titled Ether Technology in 1980 that contained a chapter about John R.R. Searl (Searl) and his technology. This influenced Morris interest into the electrical field as a job career and personal interest in technology research for the rest of his life. In 1995, Morris joined John Thomas and began experimenting with the electrical aspects related to the SEG concept for eight years. With his spare time and out of pocket money, Morris developed three prototype magnetizers that successfully produced magnetic waveforms. In 2003, Searl experienced major fallout with his UK groups that left him without any support. At that point, Morris made a decision to make direct contact for the first time with Searl which rescued him from dire living conditions. Henceforth, together they began rebuilding the prospects of making the SEG a reality. In 2008, after 5 years of commitment in clearing up the internet of misinformation and skepticism about Searl, Morris resigned from his IBM career for the SEG development opportunity in Thailand. In 2010, Morris gained enough experience to proceeded in setting up a company and research center based in California. This represents over 20 years of Morris involvement and investigations into the technical merits of the SEG concept. Morris daily monitoring of Searl since 2003 has saved Searl’s life on 2 or 3 occasions by monitoring him via live messenger and personally taking him to hospitals; all due to his many disabilities and age-related health problems. Both Morris and Searl are now based in the San Diego County with the common interest in getting the SEG ultimately into production.

In 2016, all Searl companies are merged and reincorporated into SEG Magnetics, Inc., where Morris is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the corporation.

Worldwide Who's Who member since 2016.