Thank You

Since 2010, SEG business venture has been aided by over 50 shareholders, members, contributors and many others interested individuals in different ways, but most important are those currently sustaining this project to "keep the lights on” and the research/development moving forward.

We also honor members of the SEG Society for their team support and alliance with SEG Magnetics, Inc. We have listed their names in that public website at segsociety.org, where it is possible to join by membership with the SEG Society and help clear the way for a better future with SEG Technology.

Graphics Work

Thanks to Robert Stuve of Platinum Bay Designs LLC., for his help redesigning some of the animations and images found on the site.

Thanks to Kevan Balmer, animation director of The Tasty Cake Lounge, for all of the amazing images and animations he's helped produce of the SEG over the years.

Site Design, Development and Hosting

Thanks to Vincent Hallberg of modusinternet.com and the Custodian CMS team for their ongoing work and dedication to our site.

Thanks to Peter Gordon for proof-reading the entire English version of the site and helping us to not sound not smart. 8^)P

Special thanks from Vince to Chase Sechrist and Peter Gordon for their general technical assistance and valuable ongoing advice related to all things internet.


Special thanks to all of our translators. We are working hard to build a better future for our world but thanks to your tremendous contributions we now have a voice to speech to the world with.

Photos and Credits

Some of the wonderful photos and artwork located throughout the segmagnetics.com website have been generously made available to the public for use in various forms via Creative Commons. We would like to thank all these artists for sharing their work with us. Here are the images we are currently using within segmagnetics.com and their credits.
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