Fernando D. Morris

Worldwide Who’s Who member since 2016.

Fernando D. Morris (Morris) was initially inspired by a small book titled Ether Technology in 1980 that contained a chapter of John R.R. Searl (Searl) and his revolutionary technology. This influenced Morris into the electrical field as a career and privately researched clean alternative technologies, particularly with regards to the SEG as an ideal energy solution. In 1995, Morris began experimenting with the electrical aspects related to the SEG concept for eight years with indirect contact with Searl by way of his associations. Out of Morris spare time and out of pocket money, he developed a series of prototype magnetizers that eventually successfully proved unconventional magnetic waveforms on magnetic materials are possible; his first proof of concept regarding Searl’s claims.


In 2003, Searl experienced a break up with a UK club group, that left him without any support. At that point, Morris made direct contact with Searl for the first time and assisted him from dire living conditions. Henceforth, they worked closely with the arduous process of building up the prospects of making the SEG a business venture.


In 2008, after 5 years of commitment towards clearing up the internet of misinformation about Searl’s past achievements, Morris resigned from his IBM career to make a full-time commitment towards the development of the SEG.


By 2010, Morris scaled up his efforts by setting up a private corporate research center based in California and successfully developed a series of additional proof of concept demonstration units, further proving the merits of the technology. This represents over 30 years of due diligence by Morris with his extensive study, research, and investigations into the inventor and the SEG concept. The results were well beyond a reasonable doubt, to say the least, and it is the basis for the formation of the company.


Daily communications between Searl and Morris, since 2003, over the internet, did play a role in extending Searl life beyond 2008 on two or three occasions; due to many of his health issues and always in need of monitoring. However, by 2014, against all odds and difficulties, both Morris and Searl managed to team up in San Deigo County, USA with the common interest in getting the SEG ultimately into production.


In 2016, all valid Searl companies were reincorporated into SEG Magnetics, Inc. (SEGM), where Morris is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the corporation and Searl as the exclusive Lead Consultant to SEGM with a monthly salary and housing accommodations.


NOTE: Morris and SEGM are fully authorized to protect Searl’s commercial interests to the fullest extent of the law, against any opportunistic and unscrupulous group and or individual that take advantage of his ideas and concepts without approval, including any patents based John Searl’s copyright material within the public domain such books, online internet information and NDA agreements. Therefore, such patent claims are absolutely illegitimate and can be revoked at any time.