Mr Merzoug



Mr. Merzoug is a senior level international executive with a unique blend of financial, operational, technical and corporate strategy experience in the energy industry and construction. He has significant international business relationships and has a unique blend of management skills he has developed from his 35+ years in the project development and finance sectors. Mr. Merzoug acted as a Senior Executive Consultant to some of the largest providers of technical and commercial due diligence for the investment banking industry and to Multinational Engineering and Infrastructure, Procurement, Construction, and Management Companies.

He is a Director of SEGM and Founder of the Universal Energy, LLC. (UEC)

The UEC is one of the latest in Blockchain Technology Distributed Ledger – Smart Contracts with “Token Shield” towards revolutionary technologies for “Clean Green Energy” and it is dedecated to the SEG technology with SEG Magnetics, Inc. (SEGM)

Thank you for your interest, rest assured the SEGM Team is absolutely committed and working to create a brighter future with the SEG technology with your continued support.