Professor John Searl

Prof. John Roy Robert Searl is the inventor of the Searl Effect Generator concept; born May 2nd, 1932 in Berkshire, England.

Prof. Searl was the exclusive Lead Consultant to SEG Magnetics, Inc. (SEGM), working closely with the SEG Team in San Diego County and living near the company premises up until his death on December 4, 2018; due to pneumonia and other debilitating health issues at the age of 86.

SEGM is fully authorized and approved by the inventor to carry on leading the development of the SEG with Fernando D. Morris – CEO and his team, the most dedicated, knowledgeable and capable to continue his legacy towards commercialization of the SEG technology for a clean energy future.

Dear Fernando Morris and Jason Verbelli, Condolences on the recent passing of Professor John Searl much loved inventor and inspiring friend to many around the world. May his dream of a healthier environment abounding with clean electric power and a healing atmosphere be carried forward to a living reality by your dedicated hard working scientific endeavors developing a brighter future through the SEG.
Sincerely, Daniel