Breakthrough Magnetic Waveform Technology

A New Era in Clean Energy Generation

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One of the most important undisclosed inventions of the 20th Century.

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Powering the Future

The SEG is a revolutionary way to generate power from the ambient energy that surrounds us at all times. This sustainable power generator is designed to operate without fuel, pollution, noise, or machine wear, and can do so regardless of weather conditions.

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game-changing electrical generator

Designed to operate without fuel costs, pollution, noise, machine wear, and to operate 24/7 regardless of the weather conditions.

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Welcome to SEG Magnetics

This is the corporate website of SEG Magnetics, Inc. (SEGM), the world’s leading Searl Effect Generator research and development center.

The SEGM Spatial Effect Generator (SEG) is a solid state version of the original concept. The SEGM team is fully committed to rigorously verify and document the SEG from concept to product, as required by industry in preparation for mass production and global distribution.

Spatial Effect Generator (SEG)

The SEG can be as small as one meter in diameter for a 15 kWh version and can be scaled up to one megawatt or more for industrial applications.

The SEG requires no other source of fuel other than the kinetic energy of free electrons, which exist everywhere in nature.

No Fuel

No fuel cost – energy is in abundance at the quantum level by converting chaos into order for electricity.

No wear or friction

No wear or friction – SEG is designed to operate with magnetic bearings and expected to last decades.

No Noise

No noise, no air pollutions, and no radiation hazards – only side effect is local air cooling by 2 degrees.

No material deterioration

No material deterioration – SEG will envelop itself with a negative charge that will prevent rust oxidation.

Breakthrough Magnetic Waveform Technology

A New Era in Clean Energy Generation

Introducing a revolutionary generator technology for harnessing unlimited natural ambient energy, the Spatial Effect Generator (SEG), the most advanced energy solution in the world today. No wood, no coal, no gas, no radiation, no wear, no heating, no noise, no problem.


The SEG research and development has resulted in four primary demonstrations unit as proof-of-concept:

Upper left

Upper left, the SEG mockup demonstrates the innermost set of Stator Ring and Rollers arranged by a general magnetic field. This motor design confirms electromechanically how rollers can spin and orbit around the stator on a magnetic track over the copper band or ring.

Lower left

Lower left is the testing platform for magnetic waveforms consisting of a custom gauss meter scanning assembly, where the results are displayed by the digital oscilloscope. It is the magnetic layer that is will be impressed with a proprietary process of magnetization developing only at the SEG laboratory.

Upper Right

Upper right, confirming the SEG will operate as a unipolar motor and provides the evidence that rollers are set into motion by radial electrical output or currents from the Stator Ring.

Lower Right

Lower right, confirms and isolated the magnetic bearing effect is inherent in the SEG design. Proving that all rollers are magnetically suspended, therefore no friction or wear between parts (stator and rotors).

The following diagrams illustrates the SEG’s energy cycle as an open system of energy conversion. Whereas the dam harnesses kinetic energy with a liquid media, the SEG harnesses kinetic energy within the Neodymium metal reservoir with an electron media. However, both systems complete their energy cycles via the atmosphere and thus harness unlimited ambient energy as open systems.