News & Events

The following is a short list of some of the news and noteworthy events over the last couple years related to the development of the Spatial Effect Generator (SEG).

Large Lab Lathe

April 2019

SEG Magnetics has a dedicated machine shop and this is the latest addition, a new large prototyping lathe. It is a high precision machine specifically tasked to make SEG Stator Rings, which is a critical capability for the SEG project's success. This is in addition to a CNC lathe and a manual lathe, both dedicated to SEG segment parts development and production.

SEGM / UEC Token Public Offering

August 2018

SEGM partnership with the UEC is a process that started in 2017 and it is now a worldwide public utility token offering with advanced blockchain technology. For complete information, go to UEC website from the Invest webpage for links and it is now possible to register at UEC Toke Sale webpage. Note: US citizens must qualify as an accredited investor as defined by the SEC.

SEG - Discord Link Update

April 18

Discord has gone through a number of updates since we first starting using it and we're unaware that our previous link to our Discord Channel had expired. We have a new link now so, want to talk to a real person about the SEG or maybe even one of the developers? Join us on Discord under the following channel:


SEG Magnetics, Inc. & Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign Launch

August 1

On August 1, 2017, SEG Magnetics, Inc. and Indiegogo teamed up to launch the world first Free-Energy crowdfunding campaign! It's live NOW and will run until The August 2017, SEG Magnetics, Inc. crowdfunding campaign is now over and thought it was unsuccessful for a variety of reasons, lessons were learned and will be applied to future fundraising efforts. For now, we would like to thank everyone that donated and did their best to help spread the word about the event. We appreciated everyone's support.This was our first attempt to raise funds in this way, the biggest lesson we learned during this event was that we need to do a much better job of promoting it before we try this again. The problem is, it normally takes a lot of money to run a successful campaign like this which puts us in a real chicken or egg situation. So if anyone has any experience in this area and has any advice for us we'd be very grateful. On the bright side, development on the last component needed to power the magnetization process never stopped. Potential investor meetings and business development never stopped. And with a little bit of luck, we expect to make a major announcement about the SEG and a new investment partnership very soon. So from Professor Searl and the team working at the SEG research office and I, hang in there guys. We're not throwing the towel in anytime soon, so don't you.

SEG on Discord

June 18

Want to talk to a real person about the SEG or maybe even one of the developers? Join us on Discord under the following channel:

Facebook Account Closed!

June 17

Today without warning or sufficient explanation Facebook decided to disable our account... The page remains but we can not log into it any longer. We have attempted, without success to appeal the desition but we can not even get the appeal form to work properly so, for now, we have little choice but to wait. In the meantime, you can always reach us on Twitter or our Contact Us page. UPDATE...(24 hours later)And we're back! No explanation provided... Just happy to be able to access it again.

SEG on Facebook

June 4

The SEG can now be found on Facebook. The SEG Facebook Group can be found here:--

SEG on Twitter

May 25

The SEG can now be found on Twitter.

Argon Atmosphere Furnace


With this new industrial furnace, our SEG research lab now has the capability to make both high-quality copper and rare earth metal ring parts for this year's prototype development program.


Prof. John Searl contractual agreement signed

December 2016

Prof. Searl takes on the role of an exclusive Lead Consultant to SEG Magnetics, Inc. The benefits consist of housing, transportation, monthly salary and share bonus for a successful year with his cooperation.

500kW SEG Magnetizer

December 2016

It is the largest and most powerful SEG magnetizer designed by Morris. This system was entirely custom built at the SEGM facilities. It is a one of kind and there is no match for it in the open markets. Hence, it was necessary for the SEG Team to built it for the SEG project. This means SEGM now has the capability to magnetize the large SEG Stator rings and clears the way for SEG prototype development with the necessary high power requirements.

New corporate website goes live

July 2016

Traffic to has now been redirected to in preparation for the reincorporation of Searl Magnetics, Inc. as SEG Magnetics, Inc.

Fernando D. Morris elected CEO

July 2016

Fernando D. Morris elected CEO and Founder is also reconigized by Worldwide Who's Who : 2016 - 2017 registry as an honored member.

Verbelli - elected President

July 2016

Jason Verbelli is elected President of SEG Magnetics, Inc. and resumes his position in research with the new organization structure on a full-time basis.

Thank you for your interest, rest assured the SEGM Team is absolutely committed and working to create a brighter future with the SEG technology with your continued support.