Opportunities for Accredited Investors

Investment Opportunities

SEG Magnetics, Inc. (SEGM) is actively preparing to bring research results into the marketplace as an energy provider. 

SEGM operates as an office, precision machine shop, and magnetics laboratory focused exclusively on SEG technology.

SEGM is open to joint ventures that can speed up our R&D progress to mass-produce products and provide special magnetization services.

Since 2010, in close collaboration with the inventor, the objectives of SEGM have been to research, develop, prototype, and negotiate agreements for the SEG technology. Subsequently, develop electrical generators with design capacities ranging from 15kW and up to, but not limited to, one-megawatt generators.


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SEGM stock offerings are available to accredited investors within the U.S.A. with limited-time offerings during its development phase. Furthermore, partnerships or joint ventures with long-term commitments are possible.

Technical Advantage

The SEG is a revolutionary concept in generator design that is non-polluting and environmentally safe to operate. It is a system that utilizes a quantum effect between layered materials that converts natural ambient sources of energy, such as temperature gradients and solar radiation present in the air, into uniform electrical currents with moving parts designed to operate on a magnetic bearing for a lifetime of continuous service.

Tech advantages  
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Market Perspective

The World market is now in dire need of clean, economical electrical power, and this situation is expected to escalate with continued growth in population and related economies.

Company Opportunities

We offer the market solution for generating pollution-free electrical energy that can scale from powering homes to civic grids.

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Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage

There are no other competitors in the field who have this particular technology and no other companies that have personnel with SEG Inc. technical expertise or their lab’s magnetizing capacity to reproduce it. The system is protected by a sophisticated magnetization process that imprints patterns on permanent magnetic layers that cannot be reverse-engineered. With cylindrical-shaped layered construction, energy output, reliability, and continuous operation, the SEG holds a distinct advantage over competitive products in the field of energy development on both small and large scales.

Profitability Forecast

From those that know it best, this SEG is expected to be the dominant means of energy production in the future. The profitability forecast is vast, potentially as much as the energy market itself, and growth is only limited by the rate at which these generators can be produced and implemented. Factored in are the profits in savings considering that gas, oil, or hazardous nuclear materials are never utilized or consumed to generate electrical power with the SEG.

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Use of Proceeds

Revenues will be allocated to expand manufacturing capabilities and develop increasingly larger generators. Subsequently, additional facilities will be built for manufacturing in many countries to meet the power requirements of any given region.

Basic Information

The SEG consists of 3 large ring-type stators that are specially magnetized with patterns designed to generate continual motion of similarly magnetized cylindrical rotors. The rotors can rotate around the stator rings with mutually interactive eddy induction currents, forming frictionless magnetic bearings between moving parts. In the process, electrons pair up as bosons, accelerate to form electrical currents, and thus are harnessed for their kinetic energy before they are emitted to the air again. This makes for an open energy cycle that extracts energy from the environment and consequently cools down the ambient air only for its inherent energy. It is a system that converts random energy at the quantum level into a coherent flow of electron currents. It is ideally suited for the world’s demand for green energy that is as benign to the biosphere as a solar cell and even more so than a hydroelectric dam.

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The energy market

Industrial Background Analysis

The consensus is that the world’s energy demand can no longer be sustained by the decreasing oil reserves. There are also widespread concerns about resource depletion and environmental degradation common to all other means of generating electrical energy, with their assorted limitations, including increasing costs, as well as the hazards that prevent each of them from gaining a larger share of the energy market.

Product and Technical Strengths

The SEG is designed to deliver electrical energy on demand and to respond instantly to changing load conditions systematically. It is a frictionless and noiseless generator that never wears against its moving parts. This matter adds value to the product and enables it to operate indefinitely. It is a design that can be engineered for 15kW of electrical output and scaled up in size to meet larger requirements or be operated in tandem for greater capacities. The SEG is a green alternative energy solution that does not create pollution or contribute to global warming.

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Market Analysis and Orientation

SEGM applies to a broad spectrum of fields within energy and transportation markets, such as decentralized power for residential homes, power electric cars, portable generators, etc. The company’s business orientation will focus on supplying power with 15kW and up to one-megawatt generators. Future consideration will be given to the broader market opportunities after the first business objective has been achieved.

SEGM is a corporation focused on developing SEG technology for the energy markets. It is now an active facility with a research facility in the USA.

Message From SEGM Founder, Fernando D. Morris

To whom it may concern,

It should be understood by all interested that I have technically investigated the SEG concept for over 20 years. I have known about the inventor since 1980, personally assisted him since 2003, and also isolated many of the operational functions of the SEG concept during that extended period. My research investigation into the inventor and his invention has consistently resulted in positive confirmations. Therefore, I resigned from my 25-year career for this effort. Much of it is now self-evident with the Proof-Of-Concept demonstration units on the table. That is the basis for forming the company in the first place.

SEG Magnetics, Inc. exists purely because research into the SEG concept has confirmed many SEG functions are valid, which we can show and allows for further technology investigation. We have yet to develop the SEG into a manufacturable product, but it is possible to expedite the process by fully funding the project to its full completion. In this manner, SEGM can execute its development plan and have the SEG available as a product for production and deployment. Let all know this technology is not in the market ONLY because the SEG Project has to receive the $3M as the inventor recommended to start this business venture. However, we continue progressing gradually, and most of our goals have been reached. We are open to an investment of up to $5M, but not less than $1.5M to finalize its objectives.   

I have determined that the SEG was fully developed into a practical generator already in the past, and it is a game changer. The inventor, John Searl, operated a working unit for 30 years until 1981, when the electric company confiscated it as an illegal device from his home against UK rules and regulations, so they say. The newspapers covered the event, and it went to court, but the electric company refused to show the device in court, so their allegations against the inventor were dropped. However, the unit was never returned to Searl, which was the last evidence of SEG working hardware.

It should be understood that reproducing such a device requires industrial infrastructure, as it was done in the past, representing millions of dollars of capabilities. In the 1950s, the inventor was employed by the Midland Electricity Board. He was extremely fortunate to have access to such an infrastructure, consisting of engineers, heavy equipment, megawatts of power, and all research departments available to develop the SEG concept.

SEGM cannot yet match those past capabilities with a limited budget. Still, we have succeeded in starting up a lab-orientated facility specifically equipped to prove and demonstrate the merits of the SEG technology. There now exists, with SEGM, the opportunity to market a game-changing technology that was almost lost in the past. We cannot stress enough that the chance to invest is best BEFORE it is developed into a product because there will be no shortage of investment offers afterward; SEGM may seek capital loans instead and limit the number of shareholders afterward.

Thank you for being so interested. It should be understood that all due diligence has been done for all already. Rest assured that the SEGM team is steadfastly committed to creating a brighter future for all with the SEG technology.

Sincerely, Fernando D. Morris
Founder and CEO